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In the wake of the global cyber-attack in May this year, it is a timely reminder of how vulnerable we are. What was once exclusively a problem for the IT team is now a strategic problem for management about business continuity. It’s now an agenda item for every board and executive team.

As a technology recruiter, I’m seeing a few role types rapidly increase in demand due to the heightened focus on IT security and risk. I’ve listed my top 3 below:

1.  IT Security Consultants

No surprises here. When it comes to security of an organisation’s assets, you need to call in the “big guns”. An expert with all the certifications such as CISSP, and ISO270001 experience is a must. They will lead risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, contribute to the overall security strategy, develop frameworks and make technology recommendations. These guys generally don’t stick around, but the best ones ensure that the regular IT team are enabled to manage the day to day.

2.  Change Managers

The best defence against a cyber-attack is a well-educated workforce. It’s staggering to think that over 95% of all security issues are the result of human error. We will see change managers play a much bigger role in delivering communications plans and training programs to support cyber security initiatives.

3.  Data & BI Analysts

Data is the new economy. It is growing at a speed that is beyond our comprehension. Typically, your data is the target when it comes to a cyber-attack. As the new line of defence, a BI / Data Analyst will not only know how to manipulate and visualise data but they will know how to monitor and analyse for signs of fraudulent activity. Perhaps one of the newest areas of IT security the demand for data specialists is rapidly growing.

The exponential growth of internet connectivity and an increasing dependence on internet connected systems means business risks for IT related vulnerabilities has never been higher on the board agenda.  There’s never been a better time to consider a career as an IT security specialist with the added confidence of long term job security.

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