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Although wage growth nationally is at record lows, there’s still some professions that are experiencing strong growth. In this 2-part series we’ll give you 10 roles where you can earn top dollars in Newcastle, and the types of skills employers are looking for.

But firstly, let’s take a quick look at the most lucrative industries in Newcastle and the Hunter. This snapshot is based on current corporate roles paying over 120k advertised on Seek, sorted by industry.

Current corporate jobs in Newcastle paying over 120K, advertised on Seek

Current corporate jobs in Newcastle paying over 120K, advertised on Seek

Mining has the most number of high paid roles, followed by engineering, construction and IT. Mining has typically been a strong performer, but with the current construction boom in Newcastle you can see that construction and engineering are also providing for top paying opportunities. If you’re in one of these industries you can expect to receive a strong salary, if you have the right skillset.

Below we look at some of the highest paid roles and the experience employers are seeking.

Mining Engineer

As shown above, employment within the coal industry is strong. Mines in the Hunter have recorded positive results including YANCOAL’s Moolarben (formally owned by Rio Tinto), with September production up 14%. A new facility, owned by MACH Energy Australia, due to start production in early 2018 will also provide lucrative employment opportunities.

Based on these strong production rates and new developments there’s some great opportunities for mining professionals, including mining engineers.

Mining engineers are responsible for managing mining operations, mine planning and delivery of operational contracts. As well as managing the production and processing of commodities they’re also responsible for ensuring the work complies with regulatory requirements and environmental and safe working standards.

Key experience:

Currently there is a need for mining engineers with experience working in open cut mines. Employers are seeking professionals with a mix of site and office based skills including a high aptitude in information technology platforms such Deswik, XPAC, Minex and MS Project. Professionals who show resilience and handle pressured environments are sought after.

Salary range – $120K – 200K, base


Business Analyst

As the pace of change rapidly increases for almost all companies, the role of a Business Analyst (BA) is becoming more prominent. As such we are seeing a strong increase in salaries for BA’s.

Broadly speaking a BA’s role is to facilitate change. They engage with the business, capture requirements and develop a business case to support that change.

Key experience:

As companies place more value on data they need BA’s with a high-level understanding of process mapping and the trends in business intelligence. Employers will offer higher salaries to professionals who are strategic thinkers that understand how information flows through a business.

The highest paid gigs are for senior BA’s with experience in government or financial settings.

Salary range – $90K – 130K, base


Project Manager – Civil

Driven by the number of civil projects currently underway in Newcastle and the Hunter, project managers are in high demand. This is pushing wages up and creating for some lucrative opportunities for civil project managers in the region especially in large road, rail, bridges, stormwater, and earthworks projects.

Project managers oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of a project in both an onsite and administrative capacity.

Key experience: 

Employers will offer a higher package to PMs who can demonstrate strong experience in both leadership and communication.

Professionals with skills in large scale bulk earth and building works, concrete structures, logistics and installations or highway development will be gain the highest salaries.

Salary range – $120K – 180K, base



IT Security Manager

As cyber-attacks become more prevalent, the IT Security Manager role is becoming more important and pays are rising in response to the greater need. IT Security Managers lead risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, drive security strategy, develop frameworks and make technology recommendations to ensure the protection of a company’s digital assets.

Key experience:
Employers are seeking IT Security Managers with strong experience with one or more information security compliance regimes (ASD ISM, PCI DSS, ISO 27001). Professionals with information security experience in a complex or enterprise/corporate setting including the growing move to cloud computing (IAAS and SAAS) will be offered larger salaries.

Salary expectations: $160K – 200K+, base


Site Manager (Construction)

Site Managers are in hot demand in Newcastle to deliver both commercial and residential projects. Wages are increasing as employers compete to attract skilled Site Managers.

Site Managers are responsible to oversee day-to-day site operations, to ensure work is completed safety, on time, within budget and to the right quality standards.

Key experience:

Employers are offering top packages for professionals with experience in commercial fit outs and multistorey. Site Managers with 10- 15 years onsite experience who can effectively manage sub-contractors, trades and labourers are most in demand.

Salary expectations: $120K – 180K, base


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