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It’s no secret – Newcastle’s one of the best places to live and bring up a family. But can you also progress your career? The answer is YES! Following on from part 1 of this article, here’s 5 more jobs where you can expect a great salary, but still have all the benefits of living in this beautiful city.


Project Manager (Construction)

The construction industry is flourishing in Newcastle and with many more projects in the pipeline the boom looks set to continue. Given the number and size of projects that are underway there are some fantastic salaries on offer for Project Managers (PMs) in construction.

PMs oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of a project in both an onsite and administrative capacity. They oversee contract administration, scheduling, cost control and risk management.

Key experience:

PM’s with experience in large commercial projects are receiving the highest salaries. Employers are offering great packages to attract professionals with commercial fit-out, high-rise experience and for PMs who can manage sub-contractors.

Salary range – $120K-170K, base


Software Developer

Salaries for both Front-end and Back-end Software Developers are on the rise in Newcastle as larger organisations scale up their inhouse development teams and digital agencies increasing their capacity.

Software Developers manage the software development process, including the research, design, programming, and testing of software applications.

Key experience:

Rather than having a specific set of technical skills the highest paid developers are those with experience in larger, more complex organisations. Employers want professionals who can learn things quickly, solve problems and teach themselves as technologies and systems change rapidly.

Developers with in-depth knowledge of Mobility and Agile practices coupled with an understanding of contemporary frameworks such as Angular and business intelligence are highly sought after.

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to rise companies are offering high salaries to software developers who can lead AI implementation to increase competitiveness and efficiency.

Salary range – $85K – 140K, base


Financial Controller

A career in accounting offers great remuneration potential, with lots of employment opportunities in Newcastle. The financial controller is one of the highest paid jobs on offer in this field.

The Financial Controller is a senior level position providing leadership across financial and statutory reporting, capital expenditure, board reporting and taxation.

They analyse financial information, develop planning and performance management systems and provide insights on financial reporting and controls to help guide managerial decision making.

Key experience:

The highest paid roles are with larger organisations in financial, mining or government organisations. These positions require financial controllers with experience working with management and executive teams, to support decision making and strategic planning.

Employers want Financial Controllers who have CA/CPA qualifications but that also have strong leadership, coaching and communications skills.

Salary range – $90K – 175K, base


IT Project Manager

Often contract based roles, IT Project Managers can be highly lucrative positions, with plenty of scope to work on large and exciting initiatives. The need for project managers in the IT space has rapidly increased in the past 5 years given the emphasises companies have on strengthening their digital assets and systems.

Although each project is different the role typically requires a PM to lead, plan and execute IT and business-related projects from scoping through to delivery, ensuring business objectives are achieved.

Key experience:

PMs with experience in project management methodologies (Agile and Waterfall) in complex organisations are highly desirable to employers and will be paid well. Companies also look for PMs who can manage organisational change and negotiate solutions to business challenges.

Highly developed planning, resource management, budgeting, risk management and issues management skills are also important.

Salary range – $120K-150K, base


Digital Marketing Manager

There has been a strong increase in the number of digital marketing roles advertised in Newcastle over the past few years. Salaries are also increasing especially in comparison to more traditional marketing roles. Marketing is now a complex and multifaceted area and companies are looking to experienced digital marketers to get the best ROI from their marketing spend.

The role of digital marketing managers is to set the marketing strategy, promote brand awareness and drive growth.

Key experience:

The top paying roles require professionals to be confident in developing a digital marketing strategy with a mix of activities that will deliver on the company’s strategic goals.

Organisations want marketers to understand and interpret data across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Adwords, CRMs etc to enhance customer experience, demonstrate ROI and inform marketing spend.

Professionals with skills in SEO, PPC, social media management and email marketing are in a good position to gain a well-paid positions.

Salary range – $80K – 150K, base


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